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What do architects do?

Being an architect is one of the most interesting and rewarding roles that anyone could wish to do. There are very few jobs that class model making as being a skill but it is something that an architect may well be required to do. Poole Architects can testify to that. If you are considering being an architect then here is a brief overview of what you can expect.

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Making 3D models may well sound fun but there is a serious reason behind them. Whilst you’ll also be expected to create sketches of buildings and also design and create them with computer aided design packages, potentially create a solid 3D model and give the client a much more focused perspective on what they are going to get in the final build.

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There is also a lot of report writing to be done. It’s down to the architect to make sure that the plan is legally possible and meets with building regulations and criteria set down in law. Even more importantly, the project needs to be within the budget set down by the clients. This is a massive task that the architect has to negotiate. They may need to have very good diplomatic skills if it looks like a project is going to go over budget or is not going to be feasible in the first place.

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