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Advantages of converting our business into a collection point for online sales

Business online

With e – commerce one of the issues that can launch a small business is trying to benefit from two of the characteristics of local commerce, proximity and extended hours to facilitate the collection of products. So let’s see the advantages of converting our business into a collection point for online sales.

There are different options, either associating a specific platform or logistics companies in charge of home delivery. For the consumer is always better to go pick up your package at a small shop near his home to go to an office parcel that are often located in industrial estates not so close to the city.

Business online
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Advertising for our business

The first thing we won is a small percentage for the service being provided. The space we have in store pays off, often wasted a longer opening hours for customers without having to be waiting at home to come to deliver the package during the morning or afternoon. They can spend business hours to pick it up when they want.

In addition we present our business, which is especially interesting if we are not on a main street but on a side. Potential customers of our neighborhood that otherwise would not know maybe we can reach our hotel and know what can offer them, beyond being a collection point of products bought online.

Many times customers come to pick have to wait and can see the products and services we have, so if you are looking for something that we offer we are likely to end up capturing a sale. It is a good choice to improve our sales with new customers.

We can also begin to create our own online store with the ability to store pickup. If advertise good online store, we have a lot of potential customers who already use electronic commerce to reach our business to pick up other orders.

But not everything will be advantages

But keep in mind that not everything will be advantages. If we have many customers waiting to pick up packages at peak times we can scare our customers, who have to wait to see leave, in some cases competition. It is essential to know manage these timeouts.

We have an extra work that can distract us from our primary mission, make our business work. We must receive packages, place, and have everything ready for dispatch as soon as possible. And our business is not a post office. We can only resort to this solution if we do not have idle time occupied.

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