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How to convince a customer to buy? The 7 winning moves!

convince a customer to buy

The 7 moves to be able to motivate and convince the customer who does not want to listen to consider your proposal.

How many times have you found yourself in the difficult situation of having to convince a potential customer to choose your products or services, preferring them over those of the competition? Probably many, some of which, just as probably, have not brought any positive feedback, because the referent has decided to move towards different paths.

If you also feel involved in such situations and are looking for solutions that allow you to understand how to motivate and convince a customer who does not want to buy, we suggest you take the following points into consideration: skilled advice tailored to all those professionals eager to stimulate the buyer’s interest.

Offer the indispensable

Services aimed at truly improving the everyday life of those who use them, without whom it would not be possible to live. You must propose something that is not only useful, but even necessary and urgent.

Prove yourself ready to solve every problem

It exhibits security, competence and mastery: do your utmost to become a true “savior of the homeland”, able to find the difficulties and eliminate them in the bud, thanks to innovative solutions that only you can offer. Important in this case is always to present your business and yourself in a detailed and positive way.

Avoid pressures

Maneuvers designed to hurry (like the provision of a certain discount provided only for a certain period), do not lead to anything, because the client “forced” tends to perceive what you can consider incentivating, as an unwelcome forcing.

Identify particular needs

Try to understand what the customer wants and what he really needs and stimulates his interest by proposing a series of ad hoc services designed to simplify everyday operations. We need foresight, sagacity and quick reflexes.

It unleashes emotional strength

An essential characteristic that puts the person in charge in the ideal condition of being able to “admire” and esteem from a working point of view: do everything possible to obtain the trust necessary to distinguish yourself from the crowd but, above all, to make you prefer.

It releases persuasive ability

Describe actions taken, products sold and services provided by you with words as convincing as they are exciting, able to enhance the customer, demonstrating and convincing him that your solutions correspond to the best he could wish for.

Seize the needs and be satisfied

Try to understand in advance what your contact person likes and dislikes, so that, when presenting the product, you can focus on those elements capable of satisfying your expectations.

After explaining how to convince a customer who doesn’t want to buy, you can finally make the most of tailor-made techniques to expand the chances of success and get better results from the first date: effective solutions to put into practice to improve the trend of your job interviews.

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