How To Improve Business Processes with CRM or Customer Relationship Management?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) usually refers to a whole range of commercial and communicative business activities that help improve relationships with customers and prospects.

CRM’s good or bad we all know what it is, as we are more or less all agreed that with a well-defined strategy and the support of the most appropriate technology, making CRM can really make the difference in customer management.

Finally yet importantly, improving business processes in managing relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and prospects, and making the operating and organizational streams that govern the entire ecosystem much more efficiently, contributes undoubtedly to increased customer experience, customer loyalty and business profitability.

But it is for you that I would like to address you. To you who are still wondering what the benefits of a well-structured CRM business are, and whether the CRM may or may not be your case. Here are some answers to your doubts …

More Efficiency in Contact Management

Contacts are one of the most valuable assets for a company and organizing their lists should be an obligation. You can no longer see dozens of Excel files, just accounts on Outlook or smartphone address book, and so on. With CRM, you can bring together all your customer records in one centralized archive, accessible to all your staff.

Life, death (to say) and miracles of your customers

Full story, notes and comments, attached documents, ongoing activities, history of activities and actions to do, e-mails, meetings and phone calls, purchases made, turnover, post-sale reports, complaints, newsletters, exhibitions, etc. are you aware of this data for every single customer? No!? I guess … with CRM is possible.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management
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Improve Business Process Management

Facilitate and improve collaboration between the various departments and streamline and streamline internal flows is another plus of the CRM solution. The technical department, marketing and marketing (for example) will eventually work in synergy.

Saving time

With CRM, you can automate many of the operations that you cannot manage today due to lack of time or what you do, but they really take up too much time.

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More network marketing control

Whenever an opportunity for a new business deal is offered, CRM will enable you to “follow it” step-by-step, step-by-step. From the opening of the deal, by switching to the estimation, to conclude with trading, closing and post-sale. The whole thing, whether your sales network is made up of internal agents, as well as multi-agent external agents.

Best after-sale management

Complaints (if any), bug reports or bug fixes, support and support requests, or simple questions about the daily use of your product or service will eventually be handled with criterion and organization. CRM is also a valuable help in increasing internal efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management
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Analyze and measure the performance

Sales Force data, how many confirmed orders, how many negotiations have not yet ended, how many new contacts this month … in short, data! With the CRM to collect all this data, and not only will it be easy. Performance analyzes will become your next toy.

Greater Dialogue between Departments

Even within your company, collaboration between departments is not oiled properly? With CRM, it is possible to collaborate with multiple departments. All of this is cleverly profiled with confidential accesses so you can control and manage who can work with CRM and what it can do.

All Integrated Office

To complete this brief list, CRM integrates with ERP and management systems, with mail marketing and newsletter applications (eg: MailChimp), with mail clients and, with appropriate configurations, with other software present in the company.

In conclusion, having a CRM approach in the company today is crucial because it improves the sharing of information among people, the productivity of the entire staff and the relationship with customers and future ones.

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