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Using Banner Ads in your Business Marketing Plan

To put it simply, banner advertising is a form of advertising online using ads known as banners. The creative designs of these are intended to catch people’s attention and can then drive traffic to the site or be used to create awareness of the brand or a promotion that is running.

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When it comes to html5 banner ads, they should be designed by a professional as they are an essential part of marketing and advertising for many businesses. In the modern world, the importance of the internet in marketing is not something to be ignored, so having a good online presence is crucial to a business.

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The placement of the ads is important and is part of the strategy – they need to be in a place that can catch people’s attention and be seen, it is no good having an ad that doesn’t get seen by many people after all! Because they need to be attention grabbing, the design is also important – banner ads need to stand out and be striking.

Use of bold colours, attention grabbing imagery and animations are all ways to make a banner ad stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the viewer.

You can check how well your ad is performing by looking at the click through rate, or CTR as it is known. Having this information is a useful part of a marketing campaign and can help you to make improvements to it to help your business grow.

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