5 Tips to Improve Productivity by 5 Successful CEOs

Having resources, a good team and a favorable market does not always translate into having a good productivity. Many companies have serious difficulties to achieve their goals and fail to identify the source of the problem. This stagnation in the growth of many companies, in many cases due to the lack of productivity.

Declining productivity has various factors and the company can control not all. However, bad habits in the workplace, especially in the office work, because this drop in performance undoubtedly prevents all objectives are achieved.

In this article, you will find 5 tips from 5 successful managers who have managed to increase productivity in their businesses significantly and have taken their business to the top. In addition, at the end we offer a small gift to further improve your skills manager.

1. Learn to delegate – Richard Branson

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, is linked to more than 400 companies and, for him, the fact delegate responsibilities to your team is critical. Branson this technique improves productivity especially in relation to efficiency and focus.

We talk about efficiency when assigning specific tasks to people who are more aligned with these. Following this strategy will achieve increased performance and greater control over tasks and objectives, as we will be responsible to a professional in the field.

Regarding the focus, the more work we delegate to our team, we will have more time to focus on tasks that are ours and probably cannot delegate to anyone else. Thus, we will ensure greater concentration and quality of our work and improve our productivity. A good leader must learn to delegate to his team, always accompanied by a monitoring process periodically to locate faults or potential problems.

2. Work remotely one day a week – Brian Halligan

Interruptions in the office we prevent us, in some cases, devote ourselves to important tasks during the workday. As for concentration is concerned, there are many employees who prefer to work from home or times when they are alone in the office. That is why for Brian Halligan, assign a remote day workweek is critical. This day can be devoted to tasks that require more concentration and that for various reasons cannot do in the office so effectively.

Co-founder and CEO of HubSpot devote every Wednesday to perform tasks remotely, to which it is dedicated in depth. As Halligan says, this “trick” has allowed it to increase your personal productivity as well as his team.

3. Group your tasks by time blocks – Evan Carmichael

Evan Carminchael is a renowned blogger productivity and entrepreneurship. Group tasks into blocks of time for Carmichael are a way to increase our performance, avoiding breaks and interruptions that occur when task switching constantly.

Imagine a day spent much time in sending emails, check social networks, etc … A good strategy is to group all these activities, either daily or weekly, in the same block of time. This not only prevents us waste time between tasks but also will allow us to better plan our agenda and facilitate better fulfill our goals.

4. Set deadlines – Katia Beauchamp

For the cofounder of Birchbox, Katia Beauchamp, an infallible to improve the productivity of our business technique is to assign deadlines to all our tasks. Beauchamp and his team for the deadlines are essential in all his works or objectives.

Through this technique, we ensure that tasks are performed in a predetermined time. It is also important to locate the times of day in which we are more productive, develop the work that needs more dedication at the time, and spend the hours with less energy to more automatic tasks.

5. Establishes theme days – Jack Dorsey

As we saw in Evan Carmichael, for Jack Dorsey grouping tasks on specific days it helps you improve your productivity. This technique is based on concentrating all activities in the same field in a “thematic” day.

Thanks to this type of method, establish pace of work that in the long term, become internalized routines for the whole team. These routines allow the work to be much more fluid and so many interruptions will not occur. Jack Dorsey, for example, spends Wednesdays marketing tasks, communication, growth, development, and partnerships Thursday.

This simple trick can help us have a more planned agenda have routines to speed up our work rate and, consequently, to grow our productivity. For more tips and reviews visit this blog.

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