E-commerce and social media marketing: 3 points for the first strategy


How to plan a strategy for social media marketing for your E-commerce? A Guide in 3 Steps to Starting aware…

Before you begin, note that…

  1. Social networking and social media marketing for e-commerce represent a potential additional source of revenue.
  2. Thanks to the storytelling, you can build your reputation and develop a brand identity, enhancing your products.
  3. Adapts the content of your e-shop based on the social networks used: games-contest, corporate information, product sheets … A social network = content!
  4. The animation of social networks is a real mission! Make a budget of your resources and skills you possess.
  5. Get ready and launch yourself on social networks that will help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

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The advice of experts for your E-Commerce

Of the 3.025 billion of internet users in the world, 2.06 trillion are active on social platforms. Thanks to social networks, you have the opportunity to reach 68% of internet users and 28% of the population! Do you think that one in two is registered in Facebook.

You’re still wondering if you launch yourself on social networks is a good opportunity to develop your business? You cannot make up your mind because you wonder if there really earn?

Remember that 51% of fans tend to buy products from the Facebook page below. Before jumping on the social networks, we must reflect on the development of a strategy for social media marketing clear and precise. What spread on these platforms? Who to contact and where? How?

Here are three key elements that will help you determine the most appropriate strategy to your business social media marketing!

#1- What social networks to choose and why?

First of all, you must establish your target customer and especially what kind of editorial policy to adopt for your social media marketing strategy. Do you want to offer products or services intended for companies and industry professionals? Private individuals? To the young people? To women?

If you turn to a professional clientele, using professional social networks like LinkedIn. If your products are destined for a sunny target women, you may find Pinterest a very attractive square. If it points to a more general clientele, surely Facebook may be a good choice.

Once you find your target, what do you expect? You want to get visibility on the web? Develop your sources of traffic? In short, what are your objectives? The solution is perhaps to opt for the advertising campaigns to expand faster your community.

You can also bet on specific games-contest for social networks that will make your viral communication. You want to retain your customers and have a community faithful to the brand? Suggest discount coupons and special offers. The aim is to reward your customers for their loyalty!

Finally, ask yourself what is the message you want to communicate to your target audience and how to transmit it. The storytelling is widely used to entice the customer to look for something and then attract traffic. This communication technique has always existed and is a real marketing tool action.

It is to tell a story, rather than simply exposing the topics to bring out a product on social networks or blogs, for example.

How to use this technique? It’s simple, you have to arouse the excitement and curiosity by telling the facts. The excitement stimulates the action of the consumer mind the facts speak to the logic part of the user’s brain to convince them. Storytelling allows you to develop a privileged relationship with the users.

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#2- What are the contents to be proposed on social networks?

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are indispensable tools for any e-commerce: with 1.44 billion active users, respectively (April 2015) and 284 million active (October 2014). We should also mention the increasing use of social networks dedicated to sharing photos, videos and images as Pinterest and Instagram.


Facebook offers many opportunities to brands. You can create a page or Facebook group to rally your fans and let them talk “to each other” about your products. A terrific way to get “free” advertising. Thanks to Facebook, you can reach a wide customer base, or aim for a niche that interests you particularly by exploiting the possibilities of profiling platform.

For example, you can segment users by gender, age, geographic area, the center of interest, etc. Facebook Insights, the social network analysis tool statistics, will allow you to follow your publication (free or paid).

Embark on Facebook is a priority for traders, especially if you have a purely commercial content that you can share (e.g. A news blog), if you start to build your online reputation and retain your buyers establishing with them a dialogue.


20% of Twitter users follow at least one brand account (Source: Twitter, June 2014). An opportunity to be seized! On the other hand, Twitter is THE network information in real time. It is very useful to disseminate content during events (the so-called live-tweet). Launched on Twitter if you make sure to access it every day to tweet or re-tweet interesting and relevant information for your business sector.

Use the hashtag and involve citing other brands and users to gain visibility. Follow influential bloggers and interact with them to be identified as an expert in your business. Do not hesitate to put in the tweet favorites that attract your attention. This way, you will have the opportunity to consult later. But, attentive Twitter requires in return a responsiveness to stimuli and interactions extremely high!

Pinterest & Instagram

In recent times, are very trendy social networks like Pinterest & Instagram. They will be especially useful if you bet on the visual marketing of your products.

Pinterest has 40 million active users (July 2014) and it works a bit like Twitter (follow other people and message boards). You decide to write down the images (i.e. pin) on the “boards thematic calls Board”. Each photo posted returns to the originating site.

Note that 69% of Pinterest users have already purchased a product after seeing it on the social network (as opposed to 40% of Facebook). The Pinterest audience is composed mainly of women and is interested in everyday objects, decorating, cooking and fitness.

Although Instagram is a social network of images, owned by Facebook, but it works differently. It is an application available only for mobile devices. According to the annual report Digital Social and Mobile 2015, Instagram is now used by more than 300 million people. It is simple to use, with no “message boards” like Pinterest, and lets you publish photos or video with filters in seconds. As with other social networks, the application developed its advertising program. You can then highlight Sponsored photos of your product catalog!

Finally, Instagram is an interesting tool because it allows you to post photos retouched on other social networks at once (Facebook, Twitter) if you have associated. Use Instagram if you value your products, your business or even your work team (backstage, etc.). On this social network, remember to use extensively the appropriate hashtag (#) to gain visibility during searches of keywords Internet.

#3- Define what are the resources and the know-how to exploit

Your strategy of social media marketing is now structured, at this point is a new question. Who will develop the strategy within your company? Have the means and the resources to deal with it or do you prefer to delegate this aspect?

If you personally take care of your social media strategy, do a skill assessment, the budget and time needed to devote to this activity.

A community manager should be able to play various roles, be quite versatile and autonomous. He will have to deal with the digital communication, advertising and possessing a creative spirit. He will fill the role of moderator and serve as customer support: patience and diplomacy are a must!

Finally, a community manager must act as trading, content editor and analyst: the reactivity is an essential quality. Within your team, there is someone who has a suitable profile for this task? It is a job that takes time, so be sure that the person chosen has a schedule that allows you to take care of all the activities. Otherwise, you can go to any external or freelance specialized agencies. Then up to you to share your goals, your needs and your expectations.

Now you’re ready to start on the right foot! Headline of the moment: Be social!

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