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5 Reasons why your company needs a creative in its ranks


Many companies do not put the focus on hiring a creative beyond specific tasks such as drawing up a logo or designing the website. Today we explain why this is a gross error and the importance of fostering creative internal talent.

Creativity is still surrounded by many myths and apart from many organizations, who know how essential it is to have creative employees to solve problems, retain talent, differentiate themselves from competitors and achieve key business objectives.

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Ignore the importance of creativity or encourage their inclusion in practices and in the corporate culture of the company is a big mistake, as the creative are drivers of growth, added value creators and generators of disruptive ideas. It is essential that each organization will enrich your template with different profiles of employees and today we highlight five key reasons why every business team needs a creative member.

5 Reasons to have a creative member in each business team

1) Consumers surrender to a quality product with impeccable creative design: Creativity makes the difference between a product and others like Apple’s success reflects thanks to the privileged mind of Steve Jobs – and industrial innovation can not be understood without A good creative approach. Remember that to improve your sales and differentiate rates to your customers, it is important to go through the eye with the advice of a creative.

2) The creative minds provide unique perspectives: Problem solving is totally different from the approach of a creative mind that is not guided exclusively by logic or analytical, can mark a before and after the creation of products or generating Positive strategies for the expansion and growth of a company. A creative is perfect to “change the chip” and observe conflicts and obstacles from another perspective.

3) Creativity deepens and expands the potential of a project: Creative and linked to art students are generally more successful in business and in their academic career. In fact, profiles STEM opening their own businesses or have patents show 8 times more likely to have been exposed to art and creativity at an early age. Membership integration with these features can attract new customers and increase the potential reach of your product.

4) Avoid complacency and encourage the continued growth: Having creative members avoid paralysis and stagnation, with the circulation of fresh ideas and new to achieve the following objectives and generate new opportunities for expansion and new sources of income.

5) The original design and aesthetics can catapult over the competition: In an increasingly saturated, demanding and competitive market, differentiate through good pricing strategy or optimal logistics service is increasingly difficult. Among products of similar quality, visual identity and design can be the differentiating components to attract consumers. From the Social Media strategy to packaging and packaging, having an internal creative that has a deep knowledge of the company’s product line is an essential point.

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