3 cases of socially responsible entrepreneurs

In recent years the sector has been responsible entrepreneurship confirming the positive effect for new entrepreneurs adopt socially responsible profile.

Features such as the pursuit of eco-efficiency have accompanied young entrepreneurs on their way to success. The world brings back the efforts made to help the environment with a profile of achievements and benefits of high – level framing itself in a group of companies increasingly applauded by knowing how to reconcile your personality socially responsible, with the search results. This is something that can be seen in important entrepreneurs and executives the world who have led their companies make a difference and serve as examples for those coming from behind.

These are the cases of three entrepreneurs who have taken their companies social responsibility initiatives…

Howard Schultz, the more responsible coffee

One of the men weight in corporate industry that has demonstrated the benefits of taking your company through a socially responsible profile is Howard Schultz. Mogul Starbucks has established itself as one of the most significant faces in regards to work for others and the world. Their coffees using quality raw materials that protect the environment and working-to-working conditions, on the other hand, are appropriate to all employees.

One of its main goals is to take care of business ethics; example is the way that ensures the welfare of both customers and their workers in order to achieve a business ecosystem that is beneficial to all stakeholders.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, ice cream social

Another clear example of entrepreneurs who have made themselves and their business in a responsible way, are Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who decades ago founded the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s. His work has been organized around the idea of returning to the world as possible, deriving their benefits to their employees and the community.

In its working formula, there is no objective involving profit at the expense of others, but they want to help the world. A good example of these is the existence of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, through which the founders of the company dealing with donations and work with various charities to propel and help them grow. Your donations are millionaires and they have carried out many social projects, from the creation of NGOs to the development of structures that have helped the poor.

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Anita Roddick, beauty for those who need it

There is no doubt that one of the major chain businesses related to beauty, is The Body Shop, which started as the project of an entrepreneurial and has finished transforming into an organization recognized internationally for all kinds of people. Its founder, Anita Roddick, has always worked in a socially responsible way to show the world how seriously based on the idea of being transparent.

Among its commitments is showing how they work and how they do it, so there is no doubt about each initiative carried out. In addition, we also collaborate with causes that need it and invest millions in supporting environmental protection, the fight for the safety of human rights and the rights of animals. It has been a sponsor of Greenpeace and other organizations that work everyday in protecting those who are abandoned. They are also well known for having gathered signatures for the protection of animal rights.

These three cases are just a small example of what the corporate sector is doing for carrying out socially responsible actions, something that must happen in every company since its formation. Brands such as Starbucks and The Body Shop have always respected the environment and this has helped them grow, pushing them towards a positive and satisfactory way. Their work and effort serves as an example for thousands of entrepreneurs who are just starting and want to follow in the footsteps of those who have succeeded with not only effort and hard work, but also to be socially responsible.

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