How to do email marketing? 8 tips to get you started on the right foot!

email marketing

How to do email marketing? Where to start to send the first newsletter? The 8 tips to get started!

Are you wondering how to do email marketing to get the attention of as many users as possible? Do you want to reach new potential customers through e-mail, but don’t know how to approach your audience?

Read our 8 valid email marketing tips below that will allow you to relate to consumers in the right way: targeted suggestions to follow to the letter to get positive feedback in the short term.

# 1 – Consider the format

Given that the use of mobile devices is growing sharply, before using email marketing to reach new potential customers, make sure that your messages are perfectly visible from both computers and smartphones and tablets because, otherwise, risks of preclude a significant slice of consumers interested in your products-services.

# 2 – Choose carefully the address from which to send your emails

Some experts in the sector invite you to include the brand or company name in the sender’s address, while others push towards entering the name of the person sending the message: a good compromise could certainly be to use a comprehensive account of both names, so as to present themselves immediately in a professional manner, making the activity appear well organized and structured.

# 3 – Pay attention to the subject of the email

If you want to find out how to do email marketing in the best way to maximize message opening rates (the percentage of people who, having received the email, will open it), you need to pay close attention to the objects of all your emails, choosing short sentences of around 40-45 characters that, however, can be both clear, persuasive and, above all, able to guarantee benefits or solve problems for the recipients.

email marketing

# 4 – Give a clear call to action

What should users do with your e-mail messages? Get an offer, proceed with a purchase or receive an incentive? Whatever the action to be taken, try to make it as simple and immediate as possible because otherwise you risk losing the interest of many users who, having little patience, desire or time to dedicate to your mail, if they do not understand how to proceed, switch to another in a few seconds.

# 5 – Choose the right form and words

In order for e-mail messages to always reach recipients, in email marketing it is absolutely essential to evade spam by carefully choosing both the form and the words of your communication: it uses a language that is not excessively commercial, because they risk being interpreted by the system as too promotional and therefore not appreciated.

# 6 – Do not opt for aggressive approaches

Among our valid email marketing tips we can certainly not forget the one related to the approach to be adopted the first time you address yourself to a certain user: messages that are too aggressive or peremptory and immediately aim to make a sale or close an agreement are not recommended in most of cases (there are borderline cases that may work but only for particular products or specific customers), because the recipient may become unaware and lose interest. When you contact a new person, just introduce yourself by specifying who you are, what you do, and what kind of support you can provide, adding a cordial sentence at the end of the message that allows you (if interested) to contact you for more information or to register for your newsletter . In this way you do not risk to be neither pressing nor, even less, “violent”. And remember: always expose the benefits to the user clearly!

# 7 – Customize and target your emails

There are those who choose to invest in systems that automatically add the names of recipients to whom to send e-mails and those who prefer to divide newsletters according to factors such as, for example, the geographical area, age, sex, etc. Different techniques that, in addition to involving users and encouraging them to open messages, also allow them to receive customized promotions that can be of interest to them personally.

# 8 – Guarantee concrete benefits

If you want users to open your e-mail messages, you must assure them of concrete benefits by offering a real added value capable of stimulating their interest: before choosing the incentive to propose, evaluate and carefully understand the needs of consumers to whom you intend to contact them, so that you can give them exactly what they need.

# 8 + 1 – Watch and learn

See how big successful companies like Amazon, eBay and other leaders in your sector work. You can learn a lot by examining the choice of words, aesthetics and techniques used. Big companies (especially if they are very close to the online world) spend large budgets to test the effectiveness of their messages and rarely make mistakes. Obviously look and learn does not mean look and copy, as you know them, many people know these realities!

Now that we have explained to you exactly how to do email marketing in the right way, you can also take advantage of our 8 valuable tips you have just provided: effective tips that will help you get real benefits in the short term.

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