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Do you want to close more sales? Avoid these 5 mistakes!


Avoid these mistakes to close more sales. Is it really that simple?

Sell more, it means more revenues, which are why simple reason that it, is important to hone your closing skills. In various posts I explain how to close a sale and in this, I prefer to talk about …

What not to do when you are in MAI negotiations, to close more sales, if you want to significantly increase your results…

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1) Believe that it is not you the one who makes the difference in closing a sale

The marketing strategy, your business Web Marketing or Inbound Marketing, your blog / website, brochures, catalogs or anything else that you can use, are important to “capture” the interest and attention of customer but, unless your business is not closing on line , are useful only insofar as they contribute to open effective communication window and dialog with your potential customer.

As a result, never forget that customers buy only after they discussed their needs and properly evaluated your value and the value of what you propose.

Please note, I talked about value, not price!

2) Groped to close too quickly

The rule ABC (always be closing) of American memory, is an absolutely anachronistic technique as ineffective. When looking to close too early, only intrusive result and the intrusiveness does is lower your chances of getting your prospect to buy.

Make hand, always … stronger awards, more resistance you get …. It is a law of physics. The customer should not be pushed, to be accompanied!

3) “Forcing the hand” of the potential customer

This happens when we talk about the benefits that the customer would get “only today” or something similar.

The attempt to punish the customer because it does not take an immediate decision often gets only the effect of him suspicious. You shall bring to wonder why you’re so anxious to close.

Basically, you could give rise to doubts that go beyond the benefits that have already been agreed.

4) Wait too long to close

There is always a “natural point”, the time to grasp, in a where you can move from dialogue to closing the sale. Often it is the customer who to report when it is ready to buy.

If you go over, that is, if you exceed that point, you give the opportunity to the customer to become more doubts maybe that will lead to objections that before, did not exist. In the worst cases, you might even bring out problems that neither you nor your proposal you can solve.

5) Keep talking instead of closing

When a customer is willing to say or said, “Yes”, is always a serious mistake to keep talking. Exceed in listing peculiarities rather than characteristics, rather than functions (obviously depends on your business …) can only, once again, to raise new objections to the customer.

In other words, the “Yes”, it is potential or clearly expressed, shut up and close the agreement / contract.

Of course, follow a professional sales process and know the best sales techniques help you not to make these mistakes and to effectively manage all the possible objections.

Today, especially if you are a Professional or an Entrepreneur, these are now essential skills.

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