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How much do you really know about your ears?

This list will reveal some surprising facts that you probably haven’t even thought about.

  1. The ears are always working

Even when you sleep, your ears continue to hear. Your ears will never be “turned off”. The brain processes sounds differently when awake and asleep. Your ears are always working, regardless of whether you are conscious or not.

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  1. Hearing aids for balance

You need your ears to keep you balanced. You may know what we’re talking about if you have ever suffered from an ear infection. A common side effect from an inner ear infection is vertigo.

Fluid within your ears helps you to maintain balance. This fluid tells your brain what you are doing and how to compensate for your balance.

  1. Ears self clean

Earwax is a mixture of dead skin cells, oil and sweat. Earwax is a barrier that forms inside the ear canal. It helps keep your ears clean. It is designed to be sticky, so that it can trap particles and debris.

Imagine your earwax is a filter that separates your ears from the world outside. When you require Ear wax removal Cheltenham, consider

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  1. Ears contain the smallest bones in the body

The smallest bone in the body is found in your ears. There are actually three bones inside your ear, and they all fall under this category. These bones are technically called “ossicles”.

These bones are made to transmit sound.

  1. Earlobes are constantly growing

The earlobes can be detached or attached. Genetics is the only factor that can cause this. No matter what your genetics are, you will always have growing earlobes.

Scientists aren’t sure why we have earlobes (although some believe it could be to aid blood flow). This theory is supported by the amazing blood vessels that are found in the earlobes.

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