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Keeping your products safe and secure in the workplace

We all know as a business, no matter how big or small you are that every product loss, breakage or item stolen, is a cost to the business that could cause short or long term issues.

Often businesses will have a stock count of products on the shelves or have a large warehouse the products are kept in for weeks. A lot of businesses will use shipping companies to take their products abroad or buy cheaper materials from different countries and bring them back to the UK.  So this brings a question to mind: how do we keep our stock safe.

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Depending on what type of business you are, you may only need a very small space to keep those more valuable items secure and out of sight.  You may see this in films where a business will have a safe installed in the wall with a fun picture in front of it to hide it or behind a false library front that opens like a door.  These are sometimes key code locked, or an old fashioned turn the dial clockwise and anti clockwise and even fingerprint activated.

Some companies will use an offsite building like a storage facility that has locks to keep their products safe as well as utilising CCTV and other forms of security. When you require CCTV Swindon to protect goods, go to

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When sending products abroad you might utilise boxes that are key locked that only you and the recipient have access to keys to unlock the containers. Although this can sometimes be problematic. The trouble with a standard key lock is it’s normally easy to break or cut. Security seals are a good way to secure those goods in transit.

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