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Best ways to improve your posture

The rush of everyday life can make us go on autopilot when it comes to movements and posture. Good posture means you maintain a healthy spine free from muscle strain, whilst also projecting confidence to those around you. However poor posture can lead to back pain, body aches, and muscle fatigue, not to mention a hunched silhouette.

Posture will only get worse with age, which means that integrating awareness of it into our lives can help us delay future health problems. It is important to regularly check and make adjustments to your posture when walking, standing, and sitting. Try looking in the mirror to observe your posture from other people’s perspectives.

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Another good exercise to integrate into your daily routine is stretching. It can be useful to stretch when you wake up and before you go to sleep, in order to encourage stretching and loosen your muscles. You may also want to stretch or do some exercise after long periods of sitting for example if you have an office job.

If you do sit at a desk all day, then it is likely that you will disregard your posture. For an efficient desk set-up, the keyboard should be easy to reach, the computer at eye level and the chair should support your neck and lower back. If you feel that your chair is uncomfortable, then it could be worth visiting websites such as Office Chairs Gloucester to update to a supportive and ergonomic chair.

Footwear is another important item to consider changing or adapting if you struggle with maintaining your posture. Shoes such as flip-flops or high heels can create a weak posture due to the lack of support which means your feet have to work harder to grip. Make sure that you wear shoes with arch support and cushioning.

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Improving your posture does not just apply to standing and sitting, but you can also adapt the way you sleep. Although there is limited research on the right type of mattress to aid posture, you should avoid hard and stiff mattresses. When sleeping on your side another good tip to try is putting a pillow in between your legs for better body alignment.

Improving your posture is not a quick fix, and the steps to do this must be repeated and maintained if you want to see any progression. However, you should not underestimate the benefits of working on your posture before it is too late to undo any damage caused. Why not get started on your posture journey today?

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