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Christmas Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly Festive Season

Something that we all need to think about this Christmas is the environment and the impact that we are having on it. Climate change is the biggest threat that we face, and it is important that we bear in mind all the things that we can do to reduce the detrimental impact that we have on the planet.

At Christmas, there are lots of things that can be bad for the environment, and we need to be mindful of these around the festive season. Here are some of the ways that you can create positive change this Christmas…

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At Christmas, it is traditional to give gifts to loved ones. However over recent years, this has become something that is very commercialised, and it leads to people choosing gifts that are just going to end up in landfill. Things like stocking fillers and plastic things with lots of packaging are the main things to avoid at Christmas. Here is a list of some that are better for the environment

Why not make your own gifts for people using crochet blanket kits like this and go for quality over quantity?

Packaging is something to be aware of. Look for companies who commit to minimal packaging and use packaging that is recyclable when you are ordering gifts from the internet. When you are packaging and wrapping your own gifts, it is also worth thinking about using packaging that can easily be recycled, and cutting down on wrapping paper.

If you are going to be making Christmas dinner this year, then this is something else that you might want to think about. Going meat free is something that can be really beneficial for the environment as well as your own health, so have a look at meat free Christmas recipes that you can serve this year.

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A lot of food gets wasted over the festive season, and it is something that can be avoided. When you are shopping, just buy the things that you need and rather than doing a big Christmas shop, do smaller ones as and when you need them. It might help to write out a meal plan of the things that you are actually planning to use and then this means that you will use all of the things that you buy.

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