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Key Factors in the Design Process

When designing a product, there are some fundamental principles that apply, whether you’re designing a new toy or a website. Different people will approach design in different ways depending on their strengths but as long as the general principles are covered, a great design can be born, no matter the speciality. Here are some things to consider when designing something:

Don’t overthink or overcomplicate things, you only need a simple connection between design and function. The focus should be on excellent user-friendly design that’s easy and inviting for customers. Some things that already work well, don’t feel you have to change. This is particularly true of website design as there are certain elements of a website that customers expect to find. For help with Website Design Essex, visit

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To effectively tailor a product, an understanding of the target market is essential. For a product to be successful, it has to appeal to the kind of customer that your product or service is aimed at. You’ll need to make it attractive, desirable and interesting to that target group or your efforts will fall on deaf ears.

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Whether a physical item or something like a website, a product design must be tested in real life situations to see how effective and user-friendly it is. Trials before launching are vital so any last-minute refinements can be made. With websites, links and menus need to be accurate and work with load times and mobile optimisation also needing to be fine-tuned.

Making it easy for the customer is crucial for website design. When reading a blog, you don’t want your customer to then have to hunt around to be able to sign up to your newsletter or they may change their mind.


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