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How does a tumble dryer work

Tumble dryers are probably one of the simplest of devices that you have in your home.  Although their services are extremely vital to keeping clothes dry and fresh, the protest of how they work is not that difficult to understand.  This isn’t to say that you should take off the back of your tumble dryer and start trying to fix it if there’s a problem.  The best thing to do is to invest in Integrated Tumble Dryers like those from These fit perfectly into your kitchen and can be used whenever  they are needed.

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The tumble dryer works with a simple spin drum.  You place your clothes in this after they’ve been washed.  It is a good idea to spin them in the washing machine before you place them in the tumble dryer.  A motor rotates the Drum backwards and forwards and this motion begins the drying process but this is not the only part of the system.

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To the rear of the tumble dryer are some coils.  These have an electrical charge pass through them which produces heat.  The tumble dryer sucks in air through the back of the machine which is then passed into the drum.  This explains all the holes in the drum to allow this Air to come in.  The hot air combined with the rapid movement of the drum dries the clothes without any need for inconvenient washing lines or rain dodging.

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