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Keep Safe and Sound

Burglary occurs every 40 seconds in Britain and affects a lot of people. Burglary can be defined as the forced entry of a home to commit theft. The discovery that your home has been burgled can be a very emotional and disturbing experience. Not only might you have lost important property, but your private space is also invaded. Even if there is no evidence of theft, it can still be distressing to think that someone else has entered your home. It may feel as if your privacy and security have been violated.

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It’s easy to blame yourself if you forgot to lock a door or window, or were tricked into opening it by a burglar. But it’s really not your fault. Everyone makes mistakes in terms of security, but it doesn’t mean that you invited the burglar inside! Look around your home and see where you can improve security. If you feel that your current doors and windows have failed you, it may be time to replace them. Double glazed upvc doors and windows have great security features that make it harder for burglars to break in. You might also consider Electric Gates Cheltenham from a site like

You can take steps to make your home less appealing to burglars. If:

  • You are away from your home
  • You are at home, but you’re asleep or distracted
  • After Christmas, when the homes are filled with new and expensive presents
  • Unlocked doors or windows left unlocked

There are many ways to make your home safe.

  • Keep ladders away from sight
  • Check that the side gates are secured and locked
  • Even in the summer, don’t let low-level windows remain open
  • Installing new windows and doors to increase security
  • When you leave, turn on some lights and a radio
  • Before you leave, make sure all windows and doors are locked

Lock your doors when you are at home and when you leave. If you are in the garden, or another room when you turn your back on your home, this can prevent opportunist burglars from stealing valuables. Don’t leave valuables out in the open for a thief to steal. It is especially important to protect your car keys. Modern cars are almost impossible to break into, but keys can be easily stolen.

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You can also do things outside of your home. Consider installing additional security such as alarms, security cameras or security lights. The burglars will not stay long if the alarm is blaring, and your garden is brightly lit.

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