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The family court process – A beginner’s guide

Firstly, it is important to be prepared and know what to bring when going to court. After all, it will make for a less stressful experience, even if you are over-prepared! A general thing to bring is a notepad and pen; in the moment you may find that the information you are told can be easily forgotten. This may seem old-fashioned but physically writing notes is best for remembering and processing information. It can also be a good way of writing notes so that you feel confident speaking in front of a group.

With this, you should make sure to bring all the documentation. Documents can get complicated, and there will likely be many for different reasons. However, try and use organisation skills such as labelling or highlighting to ensure they are all in order when visiting court. These documents include communication records, photographs or evidence, contact information, and a speech or guidance if you are giving a statement.

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When involved with any court case, it really helps if you are well-read on legal requirements, types of custody arrangements and general laws associated with your case. This avoids quick decisions made in the moment and without much time to have it explained and let it process.

In terms of child support with divorce, aim to come to the court with an idea of what you want to achieve. If possible, look at the income from both parents, the special circumstances, or the distance between houses. Factors like this are key to putting the children and their well-being first. Knowing what types of custody such as joint custody means for a child should also be a priority.

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Property division when it comes to family court cases is another large element. Again, it will help if you are up to date with the laws on the division of marital property and aspects such as assets. It is important to also go in with an open mind when discussing a sensitive issue such as money, as there can be some issues surrounding the division of debts or assets.

If this all sounds too complicated, do not panic! Hiring a solicitor is the best way to wrap your head around the more complex side of marital and family court processes. Companies such as Family Law Solicitors Gloucester will talk you through any queries you may have. They will have had plenty of experience in various cases, meaning your decisions will be made alongside an expert.

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