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The History of Web Design

Web design is a relatively new discipline that has ties to other professions, such as graphic designing. As a part of everyday life, web design is also viewed from a technology perspective. We see web design everywhere we go on the internet – in animations, typography and music, as well as videos.

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Birth of web design and the Internet

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee was working at CERN. He wanted to create an international hypertext project that would later be known as the World Wide Web. The Internet was created between 1991 and 1992, but text-only pages could only be viewed using a browser in line mode.

In 1993, Eric Bina’s and Marc Andreessen’s Mosaic browser was the first to combine elements in graphic design and images and sounds. After this, there was a browser battle between companies that wanted to dominate the web.

Web design as we know it today began with the advent of browsers that could display images. HTML was very limited, and things didn’t get interesting until 1995 with the introduction of Javascript. You could now include a popup window, or change the order dynamically. It was difficult to load as it was on top of other elements which made the website work. When you need Web Design Exeter today, contact Nettl

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Next came a new technology that allowed designers to design with a level of freedom never seen before. Flash gave designers the freedom to create animations, shapes and layouts. They could also use fonts and interact with their designs. Flash introduced animations, interactive elements and splash pages to websites. However, it was a huge processor hog and fell out of favour after 2007.

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