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Why Choose a Timber House Over a Brick House?

Traditionally in the UK, we build homes from bricks, however, choosing to build your home from a different material is something that is worth considering. Timber framed homes are becoming more popular and there are lots of reasons for this.

If you are thinking about building your own home in the future and are exploring the various options available when it comes to materials, here are some of the reasons why timber is rapidly becoming more popular amongst self-builders…

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Reduces Your Carbon Footprint – If you are building a home with the environment in mind, then timber is a good choice of material. It is a sustainable material that can be reused, so is a good choice for those looking to build a home with environmental credentials.

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Time Saving – Timber frames are not only much easier to construct, but they can be manufactured away from the site and brought to the plot to be assembled. This can really help to get the building completed more quickly as there are typically fewer hold ups and issues than there are with a standard brick-built house.

Easier to Budget for – Sometimes a building project can see costs spiralling, but with timber frames you can order them for the set price, so it is easier to plan and budget. With less time needed to build it, this also means that you are not having to pay for as many people to be there for a long period of time so it can also save you money. Look for timber frame house kit prices here to get an idea of the costs.

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