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Setting up on your own is a challenge to be faced with awareness so as not to be unprepared. Here are 7 points that anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur should consider before leaving. Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a great challenge to face with tenacity, motivation and utmost determination: a real common goal of many professionals who, tired of their life as employees, choose to


Fear can inhibit or exert a strong motivational drive: the study conducted by the University of Harvard which identifies 4 strategies to positively exploit their fears In the path to become entrepreneurs the fear of failure naturally becomes an inseparable companion. There are many fears, from losing the most important customers to running out of capital. For an entrepreneur, courage does not correspond to the absence of fear, but to


Entrepreneurs often feel that in the week there are not enough working days, and in the hours of hours in order to fulfill all the current tasks. After all, there are so many of them and they are quite diverse, so that you can do everything in one flow, easily switching between affairs. The output is delegation. Even if you are a shaman, a reaper and a dude at your


In the modern world, anyone can become an entrepreneur, and excuses do not work here, because the Internet provides a chasm of opportunities, both informational and financial. So even if you have a very modest budget, you have a chance to start your own business. And here are some tips from our resource, how it can be done.


Often, those who are questioning “How to become entrepreneurs” forget the crucial importance of the necessary change of mentality required of a person who after years of employment chooses to go into their own. Those who choose to make the big leap with the goal of winning are to drastically change their professional approach by modeling it according to the needs and responsibilities required by the new role.


Often those who wonder “How to become an entrepreneur” forget the crucial importance that covers the necessary change in mentality required to be that after years as an employee chooses to go it alone How to become an entrepreneur after years of success to other people’s addictions? Those who choose to take the big leap in order to be successful must drastically change their professional approach modeling it according to the requirements and

Are you an entrepreneur ICT? Find out by answering this simple test

They are everywhere and sometimes do not know if we can consider ourselves an ICT entrepreneur. To solve this easily, we have set to work developing this simple questionnaire. The operation of this little test is simple: so you just have to go answer the following 15 questions with a YES or a NO; Needless to say, that if you do not know what a word means directly answer a

Become an entrepreneur

Start your own business and become an entrepreneur brings many responsibilities and challenges. Discover 20 of the best tips: Steve Jobs to Walt Disney. Are you thinking about how difficult it out on your own and seek suggestions to become successful entrepreneur? Then they would certainly benefit the 20 straight following real advice and tips from some of the most influential entrepreneurs in history, allowing you to start off your new professional experience.