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4 Duties Of The Entrepreneur, Which Can Be Outsourced


Entrepreneurs often feel that in the week there are not enough working days, and in the hours of hours in order to fulfill all the current tasks. After all, there are so many of them and they are quite diverse, so that you can do everything in one flow, easily switching between affairs. The output is delegation. Even if you are a shaman, a reaper and a dude at your enterprise, always on outsourcing you can find a professional who will do the necessary types of work for you and for you.

So, what duties can be shifted to someone else’s shoulders, so that your business activity becomes less stressful?

1. Customer Service

Business is inextricably linked with constant communication with customers by phone or e-mail, and all calls must be answered as quickly as possible (and better immediately) so as not to lose possible profit. However, the entrepreneur’s day is sometimes so heavily loaded with the solution of more complex organizational issues, which can be quite problematic to respond promptly to customer requests, and this is fraught with the loss of loyalty of the future buyer to the company.


The situation can be exacerbated by the fact that clients do not stop at their personal discontent, they tell their friends and colleagues about their negative experiences, which means that you are also at risk of losing these people. After all, when it comes to disposing of money, people still prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes and not to follow the path of others’ failures and disappointments.

And here the delegation of duties comes to the rescue. All you need to do is find a person (in the state or at a remote job – depending on the characteristics of your business and budget), which would deal with answering phone calls and communicating with customers via e-mail.

2. Maintaining Social Networks

The presence in social networks in our time has become one of the mandatory components of the company’s marketing. However, the constant updating of the tape, moderation and promotion of the page take a lot of time and effort, not to mention knowledge and skills. There are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Plus and other stuff!


Instead of getting into social media networks and getting stuck in them, spending time on something you do not know well, hire a specialist who will advance your business in social networks at a reasonable cost and with knowledge. You can contact a specialized agency, and you can hire a remote employee who will manage profile management, create and post content, advertise pages and communicate with visitors.

3. Creating Content For The Site

Creating content for a site is much more difficult than many people think. And it’s not just about spelling and punctuation. In addition to good writing skills, it also requires understanding of the specifics of the work of search engines that not only read the text, but also check it for the degree of compliance with users’ requests. But the creation of content is exactly what is easiest to shift to the shoulders of a competent specialist who works in a convenient place for him and in a comfortable mode.


Look for specialized platforms for freelancers, surely there will be a specialist you need, ready to take care of your site for adequate money for you. The only advice is to conduct at least some primary test. Not all people with a good portfolio can please you. “Your” man needs to be looked for, but after spending some time on recruitment, you solve several problems at once: take off onerous duties, free up a lot of time to do other things, and organize a permanent update of the site with quality and unique content.

4. Staff Recruitment

The search for the right person to work in the company can take an adequate amount of time. Well, even if after one or two interviews you found such a specialist, but how much time is spent looking at the heap of resumes and communicating with candidates who are simply not relevant to your basic inquiries!


Outsourcing this particular task can be an excellent solution for you. Let the person (or company) specializing in recruiting deal with the task of recruiting personnel. Formulate your requirements and wishes and get ready to reap the rewards. Professionals already have their own bases, they know how to work with different recruiting platforms, and they know how to determine the level of candidates’ compliance with a job, hold initial interviews and invite two or three candidates for a final interview, of which you will almost certainly choose the right candidate.

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