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How In Minutes To Make An Effective Call To Action For SMS Mailing

Effective Call To Action

Call to action (CTA) or a call to action is a powerful tool for your SMS messages, which is the basis for selling via SMS marketing. With the help of a well-designed call-to-action, you can influence the subconscious mind of both the potential buyer and the regular customer, and cause them the desire to make the necessary conversion actions for you.

An effective call to action can significantly increase the conversion!

And you want to learn how to write such calls for action, when reading which, SMS recipients will not have a choice – to buy or not to buy, to call or not to call, order or not to order? We hope that yes, and you will certainly succeed. You can use your CTA to call “YOU-feeling” from your customers. You will give them only one choice – say “YES!” To your proposal.

So, 5 components, considering which, you will make a cool call to action …

Effective Call To Action

1) Identify The Specific Purpose Of Your CTA

This step is necessary in order to understand what you want to get as a result of using one or another STA. Maybe it’s a left application for participation in training, customer call, ordering goods or saving your contact information?

Important: the conversion action must be one. Not two, not three, but one. This is necessary in order to simplify the process of decision making by the client as much as possible.

2) Find The Right Words

Since, in principle, a small number of words can be placed in the SMS dispatch, it is very important that all of them be selected as accurately as possible, constructively, but at the same time delicious! SMS sending should not be boring. You do not want the recipients to immediately delete it after receiving the SMS message, just seeing the name of the sender? So use more bright verbs in your calls to action. For example, “book”, “open”, “visualize”, “get”, etc.

You need to write a call to action that will give customers the feeling that they can get real benefits after purchasing your product or ordering a service. Appeal exclusively to the benefits that the consumer will receive. Forget about your ego, about what you are a cool company and what are your great products. Refer to the ego of the person you are sending the message to.

We recommend you to start SMS immediately from the verb, then lay out the essence of the sentence, supplement it with all sorts of chips and do not forget to leave contact information.

3) Correctly Pack A Call To Action

You need to create effective and most trustful communication with your customers. Therefore, we recommend that you apply to “you” for consumers. Ask customers to choose from several options. Use the words “your”, “you”, “you”.

4) Consider The Size

One message in the Latin alphabet can contain 160 characters, in Cyrillic alphabet – 70. Therefore, be sure to consider the number of characters that you have to write a call to action. In addition, remember that you need to leave symbols for contact data and the essence of the sentence.

5) Make Simple and Entertaining Desires Of Your CTA Customers

You do not have to worry about inventing superunical words for your STA. Customers want to get the most simple message with a clear indication of what to do in order to get some specific benefits. Do not use a technical language (unless you sell products for programmers), write so simply that your 3-year-old child can understand your text.

Want more specific chips that you can use to create calls for action?

Effective Call To Action

5 formulas that you can and need to use to create your calls for action …

1) Offer free of charge

This, perhaps, is the most effective formula of all times and peoples. All people want to receive useful free products or services. If they like your goods, they will become your regular customers. Such consumers are the most loyal customers, most often they are the defenders of your brand. And all because of the fact that you just offered them free-of-charge and introduced the services and goods of the company.

Write a specific phrase: “get the book for free”, “visit the training for free”, “watch the movie for free”, “free of charge”, etc.

For example, “Download for free a new book by Steve Nicolas about the trendiest marketing chips. Implement them into your business and enjoy high conversions”

2) Use customer fatigue

Solve the problems of the recipients of your messages, emphasize that they can for some reason become tired. For example, women get tired of diets and starvations that lead to nothing, men – from the constant realization of goals and lack of rest. Press on what causes people to be disappointed in themselves. Solve these problems with your product. Your product should be the most profitable and at the same time effective solution to the main “pain” of your target audience.

For example, “Tired of work, stress and tasks? Imagine: the ocean, the deserted beach and the cries of seagulls. Like? All this on an ideal holiday in Thailand! Last minute tours with a 40% discount. Details”

3) Ask the question “Want?” Of your target audience

Focus on the possible desires of your customers. To do this, learn all their needs and opportunities in advance. If in the last paragraph we used the “pain” of CA and its problems, here, on the contrary – bright promising and joyful future, goals, desires and dreams of consumers.

For example, “We have long wanted to get to the restaurant “Paris”, but it did not work out? Today it will turn out! A terrific appetizing lunch menu with a 40% discount. Try the chicken in the tobacco and the gazpacho. Street of the Lived 9″.

4) Use the authority of famous personalities

If you have the opportunity, contact an influential and well-known person who will be able to test and recommend your product or services to the target audience. Use the design “Why (a well-known person) choose our product or our service?”

The recommendation of a well-known personality will cause additional trust in customers to your company.

For example, “Why Natalia prefers to order clothes in our online store “Boutique”? We have the best quality, unique author’s models and the most stylish bows. Be fashionable with us!”

5) Use feedback as a tool to influence your target audience in call-to-action

Compose the text of your SMS message in the form of a call to a satisfied customer and build in it an effective call to action. People trust your other customers, moreover, before making a conversion action, they are looking for consumer feedback on your website, forums and social networks. Feedback is the most powerful social proof of the quality of your goods and services.

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