Start Up

Business management

Startups can be a source of inspiration for business management: here are 10 ideas we can take to improve productivity. So that we can embrace proper business management, what should we strive to learn from innovative StartUp? Let’s find out immediately together by analyzing in detail the 10 points below, which will allow us to understand how to increase productivity by reducing effort. Ready? Let’s start right away!

Elevator Pitch

You finally got “the idea that you will turn”? You have developed “the project that sells itself?” Are you ready to “do the business”? What do you miss, then to launch your start-up? Ah, yes: the money … Sooner or later every start-up needs to find an investor … At this point becomes crucial the elevator pitch or simply pitch or presentation, usually very short, of your business idea to


We are a small company; we do everything with spreadsheets, e-mail and telephone. For now it’s fine … indeed no! This is one of the catchphrases used by small business owners, most of all by the Start-up. In fact it is normal to wonder whether a small company, it is convenient or not to introduce the use of ERP management software. With this article, I will try to answer just

Start-up and management

Business management of a start up? Here’s our list of 10 classic cases of failure to learn if you are thinking of opening an activity! What are the main causes of failure which generally may experience a start up? Let’s find out right away with analyzing in detail the following examples: 10 more or less egregious mistakes that young companies entrepreneurs should never commit. # 1 – Offer products or services of little