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Five Types of Wool and How they Differ

Wool is a natural material, and one that has been used for centuries by humans to help to keep warm. Wool is used to make blankets and clothing and there are many types of wool available that come from different types of animals.

Here are five types of wool that are popular today…

Mohair – This is wool that comes from goats. Angora goats produce wool that is very thick, so well suited to keeping you warm and cosy during the winter!

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Merino – Merino wool comes from the merino sheep and is produced in New Zealand and Australia. This is a wool that is not only soft and warm, but also absorbs bacteria and odours. It is highly sought after for products like this womens merino wool sweater.

Alpaca – This is a wool that originates from the South American animals the alpacas and it has been used for centuries by the native people to protect from the colder temperatures in places like the Andes which can get very chilly!

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Cashmere – This wool is named after the region of India that it hails from – Kashmir. This is in high demand and is a pricier wool, partly due to the fact that the goats that it comes from only produce small quantities of it at a time.

Virgin Wool – Wool that has come from the first shearing of a sheep is known as virgin or lambswool and is very soft.

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