The power of guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing

For those unfamiliar with this strategy, this may be the best tool today from your company to publicize more shocking and at lower price. Hence of this strategy is ideal for SMEs as it is based on creativity and not on investment to achieve objectives.

The guerrilla marketing or also known as BTL is based on a set of strategies undertaken in unconventional media and achieve their goal thanks to the creativity and ingenuity rather than high investment in advertising.

This is a strategy that is still not widely used but gradually begins to be mainly used by young companies. Initially it was based more on graffiti. Now other media such as posters, events, Web sites, environments, blogs, groups of people (flash mobs) and mails are used.

Guerrilla marketing
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For this technique to be successful must take everyday situations and turn them into unforgettable experiences for the consumer.

Today I want to share the 18 words that will make your best guerrilla marketing tool to attract and captivate customers:


A mediocre marketing program with commitment and has better results than a brilliant marketing program without commitment. Commitment is what makes it happen.


Marketing is not an expense but an investment (the best you can do if you do it right).


A prospects will trust you will take time, if you constantly change your marketing, your channels and identity will be even harder to trust. Repetition is a good ally of guerrilla marketing.


In studies of why people buy a particular brand has shown that the first reason is because they trust it, followed by quality, customer service and price.


The person carrying your marketing must be patient, because without this quality cannot be compromised and consider marketing as an investment.


Guerrillas know that individual marketing weapons do not work alone, but need to be combined between them. Having variety of marketing tools is what it takes to impress the audience and win customers.


People know what the weather is like money, time is even more valuable. Respects this being an easy company to do business and managing it for your customers and not for you.


The real profits come after you made the sale and generate repeat purchases or referrals.Non – guerrillas think marketing ends once the sale is made. Guerrillas know that’s when you start.


There are elements of your business that you already take for granted, but that could astonish prospects. Make sure your marketing reflects this wonder.

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Potentially can double your profits by measuring the results of your marketing. Some weapons give the white, others fail. Unless midis not know which succeed and which fail.


This describes the relationship between you and your customers. Show your participation by making your marketing actions and following; they show buying and recommending yours.


The work of the guerrilla is not to compete with other businesses, is to cooperate with them. Make them marketing that they also make you marketing yourself. Make alliances to promote you more and spend less.


Is defined as “the equipment you need to win battles.” The weapon of guerrillas is technology: computers, software, cell phones, among others.


In an era where we are constantly bombarded by marketing, the key to success is to first gain the acceptance of your marketing materials and then attack only those who gave their consent.


To succeed online, your website grows promotions on and off line and keep it updated.


Sophisticated consumers today buy goods and quality services. It is your substance and not your packaging or styles which will make you buy.


is not enough to know these 18 secrets. You must take action and apply.


Make sure all your marketing says the same message and is directed towards the same direction.

Following these simple tips will assure that your sales and positioning your brand will be successful in much less time.

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