10 Reasons to use facebook in business

10 Reasons to use facebook in business

Facebook has already surpassed the barrier of 1 billion members, will continue to grow … and more and more people will see Facebook with business purposes.

For many new people on Facebook, at first glance, the site may seem frivolous, that makes you lose time, and it is not useful to a business.

I am passionate about Marketing on Facebook for all the features it has, and well used are great to engage your target audience with your business.

Here I explain the top ten reasons why I believe that your business needs to be active on Facebook…

1) Get to know your colleagues: Facebook is not a social platform that has mostly teenagers. Its members are more mature than other social networks. The group of people is the fastest growing 25 to 40 years … and others explain why it is that’s good.

2) Find business contacts: Of the 1,000 million users of Facebook, obviously not everyone is your target audience, but some are hundreds of thousands yes, I assure you!

So not only are your personal friends in Facebook, are your prospects, your customers, your strategic partners, and of course … your competitors.

3) It opens doors immediately: Most Facebook members are open to connect. You can easily start a conversation with (even famous) very successful people who would otherwise be inaccessible.

4) Segment your audience: Users openly share much of their information they can access. This type of demographic characteristics, abilities, preferences and tastes have cost fortunes in the past. In Section 9 I detail more about this.

5) Build relationships: Getting involved in conversations with your prospects and consumers can better tailor your marketing and your products / services to your wishes and needs.

6) Increase your visibility: If you appear constantly and properly in the news (homepage) on Facebook of your prospects and publishing relevant information will allow you to increase the credibility and confidence in your business.

7) Position your business as a leader in your market: Staying connected with your customers on Facebook and quickly answers your questions … they will always turn to your business instead of going to your competition.

8) Get good positioning in Google relatively quickly: In addition to your personal profile, created an official website for your business. Pages (Fanpages) are fully indexed by Google.

Obviously for your Facebook page appears in the top results of Google for some keywords, affect inbound links to your page, keyword density on your page, etc. but the ranking has Facebook helps a lot (the second most visited site in the world).

9) Make highly targeted advertising: With the announcements tool Facebook Ads, you can try and “test” advertising to an audience well segmented and interested in your products or services, and it is better not cost a penny as other types of advertising because the cost of ads on Facebook is very affordable.

10) No need to invest a lot of money to get visitors to your website: Aside from ads, Facebook obviously is free to use and with a regular strategy and activity have a considerable amount of web traffic (visits), and as a result of more visitors interested in what you have, you more subscribers, more followers and more customers who buy!

If you still do not integrate and consider Facebook as an indispensable part of your internet marketing strategy, the idea is that you do it as soon as possible.

Do you agree with these ten reasons? Are there any business reasons to use Facebook I did not mention?

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