3 ways to make a business resume more competitive

business resume

What does a novice entrepreneur and an independent contractor have in common? Do not think, we will answer: the need to make yourself attractive and promising in the eyes of customers. In a very short period of time, you must instill in them the belief that they are able to solve their problem as effectively as possible through their products or services. And for this you need to present yourself competently.

Here are a few ways that will help improve your resume, instill confidence in customers and attract more customers …

1. Obtain an additional certificate

You can be any fine specialist and solve many problems in practice, but only new people who have not worked with you yet do not know about it. The easiest to implement, useful and most importantly convincing way to make you believe – to get additional certificates from well-known and respected educational institutions, confirming your knowledge and skills in a certain field. For this, it is not necessary to enter the university and spend many years studying. You already have a certain specialty, knowledge and experience, so why not deepen them? Modern technologies provide many opportunities for learning: an open education platform, webinars, university courses, refresher courses and the like.


business resume

It will be useful to everyone who is engaged in the provision of services, trade and business in general. It will not be superfluous to be certified at a local university, if you were educated somewhere in the province, or apply for additional education in foreign universities.

2. Publish case studies

Another way to prove your skills in any field is to publish a case study. Have you had success in the past in working with a client or in providing a certain service? Tell this story! Start with the problem you are facing, and then step by step tell how you came to solve it. Imagine telling a fairy tale with a happy ending. Here is an approximate plan for the deployment of the plot …

  • Describe a problem that would be typical of a specific audience
  • Give metrics that show the extent of the problem; Give comparative tables “before” and “after”
  • Describe in detail how the current problems were resolved (product improvement, service description)
  • Show how the business results were improved

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Be sure to use infographics, graphics, figures, comparisons and any other visual materials in your story. And yet, do not use a trivial name for your work, such as “case study” or “case study”. If you really want to, use this move in the subtitle, and make the headline catchy, attractive and intriguing to encourage people to read your work. After all, even the best and laborious research will not mean anything if people do not want to read it.

business resume

3. Demonstrate your specialties

Often entrepreneurs try to offer their clients the widest possible range of services to try to attract as large an audience as possible. But the fact is that a highly specialized business can help with sales growth, as it will be perceived as an expert in a specific field. This does not mean that you should not offer side services. For example, if you are a competent philologist, you can well offer your clients in addition to a good copyright, and also the layout of materials on the site or the selection and processing of illustrative material. This will help you find additional income. But from the perspective of the employer, sometimes it is better to hire several individual professionals who will be professionals in their own business, rather than paying money to one person whose quality of each of the skills will be equally average.

Your specialty is your leading selling point. Additional skills can sweeten the deal, but are unlikely to be the decisive factor in her conclusion.

Sales and customer acquisition are the foundation of any business process and the foundation of the business as a whole. The effectiveness of sales is logically transformed into business growth. The tips listed by us are one of the ways to establish a basic level and make yourself more attractive in the eyes of potential customers. Think about how to apply them to your situation.

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