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How to stop being afraid of your dreams

stop being afraid of your dreams

How to start going to your dream, even if it frightens you? Everyone is afraid to start something new because they do not understand what will come of it; relatives can not understand them, they can lose their jobs. Every time you change something, you feel fear. So let’s talk about how to make sure that you did not frighten you your new way to a dream, but rather supported and pushed you forward.

First, be honest with yourself

Why did not you go to your dream before? Of course you have an excuse that you are afraid to start something new. And at this moment, you’re lying to yourself. You are not afraid, you are just insecure or do not think you can do it. This is not fear. It’s easy to say that everyone is just scared. But in reality, people are simply not sure, are alarmed and they are not able to do something in a certain area. If they had the ability, they would have done everything. The adults have already developed a rhythm, because of which they decide how many things they will do today, and how many will be left. And most often, it’s a lack of discipline and motivation, not fear. They do not want to start something new, they do not try to plan their days so that they can start or achieve their dreams. This is an honest answer. They are not afraid of their dreams, they just never focused on it. You see, it must be something that you are obsessed with, what you are devoting a lot of time to, what you are pushing yourself and what you want to work on every day. So you start to go to your dream.

Look, I do not care what you had in the past when you start something new. I want you to stand up and say: “Well, let’s start, let’s do something, make an effort.” But you can say: “You do not understand anything, I’m not one / one of those who are afraid of their goals, I’m just a perfectionist.” If you think so, then you are also lying to yourself. If you did not start to go to your dream and say that you are perfectionists, it’s all nonsense. If you were actually perfectionists, at least you would at least begin. Perfectionism exists only when you have finished and shown something. After you have achieved this. Once you have achieved something, you start working on it and constantly improve it. Do you understand? Therefore, if you did not even begin, do not fool yourself or call yourself a perfectionist. You’re just scared, not sure, you do not have enough attention and energy. And I’m not telling you this to tell you what your problem is. I want you to be honest with yourself, think, is it really fear, or is it just reluctance, lack of motivation, attention or energy. If you are honest with yourself, you can take life into your own hands and manage it.

stop being afraid of your dreams
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Secondly, create a training plan

What does it mean? If you have a dream, decide for yourself what you need to learn and what to learn in order to start going to your goal. For example, when I first started creating this site, I realized that I needed to learn about hosting, CMS, design, promotion and so on. What I’ve done? I sat down and made a schedule: this week I understand hosting and read reviews about them, next I read about different CMS, later I learn about design and so on. And due to the fact that I make such a schedule, I became more competent. And if I became more competent, then I became more confident. And if I become more confident, then I can act. If I started to act, then I’m becoming more competent, and then even more confident and so my locomotive begins to pull all this heavy load. And it all started with training.

But you cannot study all the time, you must start somewhere

Therefore, you need to decide the day when you start. You studied, studied, studied on this special day, you apply all your knowledge and create what you learned. You just need to paint your training and decide on the day you start. Otherwise, you will never start. You can not fool yourself with what you start when you learn everything that is possible. There is a wonderful quote: “You do not have to be perfect to start. But you have to start to do something beautiful. ” Therefore, do not try to learn and learn everything, just start learning and set the day you act.

What if you want to quit your job? Decide on the date. If you really hate your job, set the day. When will this happen? After two months? Three? Six? Nine? If you did not mark the date on the calendar, you will never leave this job, and you will work there until your death. Just decide what you need to learn and what to learn until this day, so that when it happens, boom, you immediately begin to go to your dream.

It’s very simple: to be honest with yourself, schedule your training, determine the date and as soon as you started, do three things a day that will draw you to your dream.

People say how to start? Just do three things every day that will help you go to the goal. Only three cases, but every day. Tell yourself: “These three things I have to do today in order to achieve my dream.” Everyone can do this. It can be one call, one email, one video, one page written. You can do simple things, but do not say that you can not do three such things. Because if you can not do three things that will bring you closer to your dream, then you do not live and are stuck somewhere. You are stuck in a routine, bad habits and wrong expectations, that you have to please all others before you start doing something your own. Your goals are a must. You dream about them, you rejoice at them and your job is to overcome all fears and insecurities to start, To write a timetable to gain confidence to start working on your dream. That’s why this dream came to you, listen, start moving towards it and then you will live a real life.

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