Business management

Pursuing effective business development is not an immediate process. Here are five basic business management strategies that help grow the business and lead the business in the right direction … In the workplace, how can you project your business management to growth? To answer this question, we report immediately below 5 valid recommendations addressed to entrepreneurs: practical solutions to follow every day to conduct business towards a path of constant


Fear can inhibit or exert a strong motivational drive: the study conducted by the University of Harvard which identifies 4 strategies to positively exploit their fears In the path to become entrepreneurs the fear of failure naturally becomes an inseparable companion. There are many fears, from losing the most important customers to running out of capital. For an entrepreneur, courage does not correspond to the absence of fear, but to


Need to manage all the information that you have of your customers and leads but do not know how? The best option is to bet on the use of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management system): This is software that will allow your company logs all interactions that occur and to carry out a thorough monitoring them. The implementation of a CRM will allow you to manage and know all

Pirated software

Sometimes companies to save costs, using pirated or unlicensed software. Operating system, office software packages, design programs or video management software. It is a way (a trick, a dangerous shortcut) of not having to invest a lot of money on programs that we use in day to day. Here we do not mean as open and free software that can fortunately be found on the network. Such programs, missing more,

Linux in your company

Surely by now you’ve heard on more than one occasion Linux. It is a system of free distribution that allows you to use free software programs instead of payment. There are numerous Linux operating system distributions, also known as distress, with which you can work: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Linux Mint are some of them. Some companies have decided it is more convenient for them to work with any Linux

A company investing in real estate

The consequences of the bursting of the housing bubble have been devastating for many businesses, especially those related to the construction industry and property development. However, crises are also times of opportunities. The current market situation may be of interest to some investors, enough to pose as a business idea to create a business of investing in real estate. Prices have fallen significantly A simple query on your property portal