convince a customer to buy

The 7 moves to be able to motivate and convince the customer who does not want to listen to consider your proposal. How many times have you found yourself in the difficult situation of having to convince a potential customer to choose your products or services, preferring them over those of the competition? Probably many, some of which, just as probably, have not brought any positive feedback, because the referent


If you sell a long time and if you do it successfully, you develop a kind of sixth sense that helps you figure out when the customer in front of you is losing interest in your proposal so much that you risk losing a sale. This instinctive element is obviously very useful because if you identify when this happens, you can also take the necessary countermeasures. To succeed in this

When the customer left a robot?

We have made a purchase over the Internet and we are pleased with the whole process. But when the crucial moment arrives: delivery does not occur. The motives? We found ourselves not in our home, or the dealer failed to find the address. Our only option by the online store is a cold email, which refers to the page delivery company. A 902 and a robot. Toc, toc, forgiveness am