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When the customer left a robot?

We have made a purchase over the Internet and we are pleased with the whole process. But when the crucial moment arrives: delivery does not occur. The motives? We found ourselves not in our home, or the dealer failed to find the address.

Our only option by the online store is a cold email, which refers to the page delivery company. A 902 and a robot. Toc, toc, forgiveness am a real customer. How is it possible to leave the customer to a robot?

when-the-customer-left-a-robotFor starters, if we seek to learn from complaints or mistakes, little can be achieved when an issue we add the desperation of a client who sees must repeatedly call a phone number where a person does not solve it your problem.

After several attempts, the machine does not understand or recognize the voice of the person, angry, it takes five or six calls, all that the company will find will be a dissatisfied customer, for a lousy care, if he can contact another human being.

Customer channels, which will bring more profit

The chat

An online chat is an indispensable tool that will prevent further claims by other channels. One option may be Olark which is free and effective.

The chat can be programmed to display just when the customer takes about 20 or 30 seconds browsing our website. We must leave no time to bother. We do not want to be like those dependents who chase you around the store. Give time to be done with the place, take a look.

Fortunately, through the chat will not talk to us like a robot. The tone will be or should be adequate: friendly and efficient, clear and attentive.


WhatsApp has become a tool with many advantages in the world of e – commerce: It is a tool that allows fast communication. And it allows personal attention. Unlike the robot phone, shows that behind this online store there people you can talk.


An application devoted to telephone communications via Internet, with a high sound quality at the time of execution. The vast majority of its services are free, what makes this software a totally recommended for your business service.

You decrease expenses. All calls between Skype users are free. This service allows you to make calls to anywhere in the world free of charge. You just have to make it visible on the page. Again, the deal is close.

And finally would be social networks, rather than known: Facebook or Twitter, so you better say goodbye to such elections as outdated and ineffective also in everything related to excellent customer service.

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