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How I Achieved My First Award Plaque!

I would not start this section by listing all my academic, literary, creative achievements; that, moreover, are not so many. So I will not going to make you bore, I just want to share with you my first award winning experience.

Instead, I start by saying that at some point in my life I decided to write and so I began this journey. I do begin in California. I never before had the idea of writing, but I was a reader of different books and fan of writers. It was during my film studies, while after directing some short films, I noticed that the address was not mine … but write stories, which I mostly enjoyed myself!

And I threw everything I had. For months, which later became years, I began to investigate different culture and, as a result of that epic adventure (including a five-month trip through South America), I managed to self-publish my first book, for this book I achieved my first award. While before and / or at the same time, I worked as a Copy Writer and won some awards. But my first award plaques achievement is a best achievement for me, which was a startup for me and moreover it was a most beautiful award that I have ever have, it was award with personalized plaques with all my achievement information supported with a wooden shell.

I am sharing my experience to not tell you how successful I am, but for a writer who has just begun, it is important the plaques and awards will influence you to do better than better … Since I achieved my first award I am competing with myself to better than past and which help me to achieve more awards.

Even today, I am still learning. I believe that creativity requires an always ready to be surprised and never to take things for granted mind.

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