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Why Vehicles Use Reflective Chevron Markings

When an emergency vehicle stops on a motorway, any road or in the middle of a work site, it is exposed to traffic, which can lead to accidents. Reflective chevron markings serve as a way for the general public and other road users to easily identify these vehicles. This visibility allows drivers and pedestrians to see them clearly and anticipate any obstructions. In fact, being able to distinguish these vehicles is crucial for their safety as is the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

That’s why fire engines, ambulances, police vehicles and various other work vehicles utilise Chapter 8 chevron kits. These kits are designed in accordance with the regulations provided by the Department of Transports Highways legislation to ensure that these vehicles are easily visible to motorists. To find out more about Chapter 8 Chevrons, go to

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Chevron markings are essential for maintaining a fleet of compliant vehicles. That’s why you should only use top quality materials and ensure that all installers are certified. This guarantees that your chevrons will be highly durable and maintain their visibility over time.

Whether you’re an emergency responder looking to upgrade your vehicle or responsible for a large fleet of vehicles, it’s crucial to take the time to select high quality reflective chevrons that meet your needs. Opting for quality ensures better visual appeal and durability compared to cheaper alternatives but also plays a vital role in reducing the risk of accidents caused by other road users failing to notice your vehicle.

The first factor to consider is the colour of your chevrons. Research conducted by the Battenburg team has shown that yellow and red alternating stripes prove effective in grabbing the attention of road users. Additionally yellow is commonly associated with warning signs while red aligns with the taillights of emergency vehicles instantly signalling obstructions.

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Another aspect worth contemplating is how well your new chevrons will blend with existing vehicle markings and branding. While it might be tempting to cover them with elements or excessive textual information already displayed on the vehicle, doing so can confuse drivers and divert their attention from the chevrons meant to warn them about imminent dangers.

Expert installers will provide guidance on the solution for your vehicle ensuring that you have a safety graphic that complies with Chapter 8 standards. This will safeguard the lives of everyone in your vehicle fleet and other road users throughout the lifespan of your vehicles.

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