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The Rise of the Home Computer

For many people, they can remember a time before we ever had a computer in the home – now it is not only something that is the norm, but has been able to allow people to work from home, communicate with people anywhere in the world and even do the shopping – all without leaving the comfort of your chair!

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The first computer that really started to introduce the computer to the home was the Sinclair ZX80. Clive Sinclair, the inventor, had great success with this machine, and it proved to be a hit. It is virtually unrecognisable to modern computers however, with very little memory and a black and white screen!

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The computer was accessible to many people as it cost less that a hundred pounds – compared to similar machines on the market at the time which were often over a thousand, you can see why more people opted to buy the Sinclair.

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After the success of this, more inventors started to come up with new ideas and creations, and it wasn’t long until simple games like Pong and chess started to arrive on computers, starting a gaming revolution which has grown in popularity through the years, and made computer gaming alone a huge multi-million-pound market.

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