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Four things you should know about ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are popular in a variety of industries, from warehousing to hospitals, as they can be used very effectively and efficiently to keep large spaces clean and hygienic. They are used for a variety of applications too, thanks to their high-tech sonic-based cleaning technology, which offers better results than traditional cleaning methods. Here are four things to know before you consider buying a large ultrasonic cleaner for your business:

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1. It’s not a new technology
Although it’s recently become popular, ultrasonic cleaning technology has actually been in use for 60 years. It’s innovative and high-tech and makes it possible to clean debris, soil, grime and contaminants from materials that were traditionally hard to clean. For example, the tech is even used to clean diamond rings!

2. Delivered through sound waves
Ultrasonic cleaning is delivered through sound waves that aren’t audible to the human ear. The technology is so effective that it can even be used to clean precise and delicate medical equipment.

3. Different kits for different purposes
They are made from a wide range of materials and comprise a generator, tank and transducer. These machines require an electricity source to operate, and the rapid movement of the pulsating transducer converts the electrical energy into rapid-cleaning ultrasonic energy. The key to success lies in the sound frequency.

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3. Something for every application
There are various kinds of ultrasonic cleaners on the market, from large ultrasonic cleaner models to small custom-designed models. For example, lab-size ultrasonic cleaners are usually available for tabletop use. Small systems can be used in the home. and large systems are common in industrial settings.

This technology is precise and requires the perfect match of sound waves and accompanying cleaning products to the particular application and purpose they are being used for. The equipment is increasingly robust, and a large ultrasonic cleaner will often now be spotted in an office or warehouse storage area.

If you’re thinking about improving the cleanliness and hygiene quality of your operation, then one of these vital cleaning systems could be the answer!

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