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As to publicize your business when you start from scratch

Starting a business from scratch means gaining the trust of customers, but this requires that potential buyers know the company. Therefore, it is very important to have a communication strategy from the start. There are many ways to make themselves known, and each is more or less efficient depending on the type of business you have. Here are some options.

Communication with flyers and pamphlets

If you have a local business, restaurant type, hairdresser, shop or similar service, one of the most efficient ways to reach your potential customers is to distribute leaflets for your area of influence. You start with a flyer printing previously designed to convey the message, and then sharing mode is chosen: in the mailboxes of the houses in the area, on the windshields of cars, or just directly to passers- by choosing a part with great affluence.

It is a method relatively inexpensive, and usually has a good return for business I mentioned before. Even if the person quickly pulls the pamphlet after reading it, he learns the creation of new business. And if you have a need related to the company, you probably want to try the new establishment.

Online advertising

If you have a business online, it makes sense that your primary support is online advertising. Among the different actions you can do, there are some with long – term impact (such as search engine optimization), medium term (such as the presence in social networks) and those that can give an immediate result, and pay online advertising. Now you have two main options. The first is to hire the services of Google advertising for your business or service appears in the sponsored results every time someone types a specific keywords. The second is to hire the services of Facebook for your product or service to many users of the social network is distributed. In my opinion, the Google option is usually more interesting, because you can design very precise strategy around the keywords. But it does not mean that Facebook cannot be a valid option.

Press advertising

For some businesses, the best option may be to use traditional media such as the press (general or specialized), radio, or television or cinema. I think they are formats that are well suited to products and services that cover more than the area of a neighborhood, such as a car dealership and having a volume to justify the investment in the media advertising. One complication is the difficulty of measuring the impact of campaigns.

Alternative forms of communication

When you start a business, you have to be willing to communicate at any time. It means tell everyone that you know you just set up a company, to distribute your business cards or your brochures, sign your emails with a link to the page of your business, put it in your status WhatsApp, i.e. in any site where people can see it. This is not to do too much, only to take advantage of all the free opportunities to publicize your business. And of course you can try to organize events and not have to cost a lot of money to reach people as possible. Of course, your communication always has to adjust to the type of business.

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