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Marketing and Strategy: Planning for win

Marketing and Strategy

I have over ten years dedicating myself completely to the world of marketing, advertising and communication, and in this time I have done very heterogeneous work related to this field (public relations, events, promotion at point of sale, strategic plans …) for customers from various sectors: health, soft drinks, alcohol, technological?

Despite the differences between each other, so you can always get in common is the evidence that customers who succeed are those who row following a strategic plan of action, i.e. each of its departments working in an organized way under a “conductor” who knows and arranges beforehand what to do, how and when.

All departments need this strategic plan to make an efficient distribution of their work and have it controlled as possible. And above all, in my view, the most important thing to realize strategic planning is being able to make a change of course in time if the route drawn not met or experiencing difficulties.

Marketing and Strategy
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Companies applying this criterion in all departments are companies with a safer and more efficient more controlled growth.

But I surprise here, marketing actions, despite the great weight that should have within companies by the very nature of the discipline (which is simply to grow the organization through its image, its sales and its relationship with both their current and potential customers), is left to chance in a large number of cases. This is an error that can unfortunately be very expensive.

I hope not to be too hard on this post, but the truth is that it is an issue that concerns me greatly. How might have companies realize the need for a marketing department and ask him responsible for a recent graduate? And I wonder, is that an entrepreneur would be mounted on a manned only by an airplane pilot to make its first flight? I sense the answer, leaving me even more stunned to decide to put a new graduate to lead and direct marketing your company. I have seen many deals of this nature in job portals in recent times and I think it deserves consideration in this regard.

No doubt you’ve recently graduated in marketing, business, advertising and public relations are bright, it’s more, I’m sure there are, but obviously not they can be saddled with such responsibility in the beginning of his career, without at least have a person supervising them in their work, because if we do this, not only will we have some bad results in the area of marketing, but also we will surely burn a human resource that could be very valuable if we did locate and properly guide.

Therefore, the department of marketing, communication and advertising, as a major part of the company has to have resources with the necessary experience so they can make strategic planning to assist the fulfillment of the objectives of the company and collect the needs of customers and the concerns that they have facing the company or the sector to which it is dedicated. If you do not have all the resources internally and immediately, an interesting alternative is to contemplate the possibility of outsourcing or ask for help from consultants that we can facilitate the work, without losing sight of that money intended for marketing, if done so strategic is never spent but invested. For this to happen we must provide an opportunity for an expert so you can decide how to make a distribution of power and resources and meet the objectives of the company.

The marketing department must not only know but must participate in defining the objectives pursued by the company, to know which areas to work and have enough information to make your planning one year ahead, three, five or which are necessary according to the activity sector. Once drafted this plan, in which points of departure for the company, the environment in which it operates, the competitive situation, analysis of the products or services offered, as well as what actions to take and develop for achieving collected defined goals, the company can go to “browse”, because with this forecast will be ready to perform their tasks in an organized market. A very important to include in the strategic plan or the sheet marked route point is the definition of different indicators that help us identify possible setbacks and redirect our planning, before the evil comes to achieving higher levels.

Therefore, companies need to be aware that we are in a world in which it not being good if it is not said, if the market does not know you. The way to publicize what they do and how they do it is communication; how to find new customers for your products, know how to improve your products and what they are looking for your potential customers is the marketing. To do this you do need to have a marketing department within your company that makes your marketing plans and make grow and publicize your company. Converts 2015 in the year of marketing for your company and see what the year start to emerge and take off facing a success, do not trust such an important job in the hands of someone you can not ensure and demonstrate experience because now that’s spending your money, invest it and grow.

Unlike other articles that guidelines of what to do and how to do certain related to different elements of marketing works exposed, I hope this has served to reflect on the importance of this discipline in your company, do not give you afraid to ask for help from a professional and grow your company through this function, which undoubtedly will fit the budget that you can invest in it. Be aware that the best way to grow is a forecasting and planning.

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