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The tourism sector bet for online videos for their great appeal to consumers

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Video is a very compelling content to consumers, there’s no doubt. Numerous studies confirm that users choose to display a content rather than by reading a written text. However, what extent will influence this format strategies for brands and advertisers? And specifically, how it will do in regard to the tourism sector, one of the biggest beneficiaries of new technologies?

According to a recent report by eMarketer consumption of digital video increases among travelers, something that marketers are taking note. However, it is a content, format and support that has a number of drawbacks for investors, so these are taking the necessary precautions.

Invest in tourism
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Thus, the report said, despite concerns are causing many brands restrict their advertising investments with respect to the video, the companies related to the tourism sector are increasing their efforts to create engaging content and especially video. A trend that is driven by the growth of social networks that facilitate the distribution and dissemination of these videos of cheap and easy way.

Specifically, eMarketer reveals that Instagram has become a social network that presents interesting opportunities and challenges for the tourism sector. It also notes the report, other technologies, such as virtual reality-although still not confirmed as an effective tool of marketing-is part of the strategies of tourism enterprises as a way to improve their relationship with consumers that increasingly make more use of it.

Changes in hegemonic platforms

In this sense, we must bear in mind that social networks such as broadcast media content in video format, are changing dramatically. Thus, while YouTube and Facebook remain the dominant platforms in regards to video distribution and consumption, other social networks such as the aforementioned Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are offering interesting opportunities for advertisers in the tourism sector.

Specifically, a study last August by the signing Animator argues that nearly 30% of US Internet users who shared videos opted to use Instagram.Meanwhile, Twitter was used by 20% of respondents and by 16% Snapchat.

The power of Instagram

These figures confirm the change experienced by social networking trend and points to the new dominant position will play in this regard Instagram, at least with regard to the travel sector.

In fact, another analysis by the firm, which was consulted more than 450 travel brands, noted that Instagram had been chosen by more than 70% of them when making their video publications . This is due to the increased number of followers who have experienced this firm as well as its strong visual appeal.

This trend is also seen in another study, conducted in August 2014 by Shareablee, in which the video-related behavior and travel through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are analyzed. The results are again in favor of Instagram as this social network only surpassed by Facebook as far as use is concerned.

And given that the social network Mark Zuckerberg is the hegemonic nature tandem between the video for the tourism sector and Instagram is likely to continue for long. It is becoming ever more valuable time to get good results.

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